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India is a south Asian country surrounded with the boundaries of China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan and Indian Ocean. India is a under developing country and upgrading their export ranking in the world day by day. Expansion of export is the key to growth for any country and India is doing the same thing, the government has taken many decisions towards the growth of international trade and also made various strategies. The government policy of trade has always played the major role in the trade business as they always tend to increase the export and low down the value of import in the country. The export strategy can be understood with the help of the export data analysis. The country is blessed with the natural resources and got the huge opportunity for the export. The top products for Indian exports are rice (4.71 billion), Jewelry (32.7 billion), diamond ($25,637,559,000) and species (236 million) and the countries in which India is doing the exports are United States ($142 billion), UAE (20000 million), China (13.5 million), Germany ($8507 million) and Hong Kong ($10.6 billion).

Data analysis is the market research with the philosophy of resolving complex future predictions into simpler or more basic ones and with all the expert analysis once can easily reach to the goals they have dreamed. Indian Export data will help in understanding the complicated theory of buyer and suppliers. The information helps to get the detail description of the quantity, price and product description so that one can easily predict the future happening in the market. Indian exporters’ data provide the information for foreign buyers of the product so that one can expand the business overseas.

We provide a range of data for you to

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  • Top Indian exporters and importers in the market.
  • Details of shipment coming through air, water and road.
  • Historical data of market.
  • Formation of tactics to create profitable market prospects.
  • Checking the credit worthiness of the business.
  • Name of the Port of Destination.
  • Top Indian exporters and importers in the market.
  • Top Indian Ports
  • Top Countries.


India Export Data

HS Code Product Description Qty./Unit Unit Rate In INR. FOB Indian Port Foreign Country Month
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