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The imports and exports in China has seen a major explosion which has paved the way to China’s heightened major expansion in the global market. offers 100% refined, reliable and genuine data which is meticulously supervised by our team of expert professionals who have the aptitude of processing and filtering the important data for the users to work upon them. With the legal and custom-authorized data collected from China customs, we keep our customers update with information of various importers and exporters working through various Chinese routes of land, air and water and get a clear knowledge about the trending market situations.

The derived Import Data of the China consists of:

The data compiled with the help of Customs data, posturizes the Chinese trade business in a simplified manner with a defined data set of crucial information on every shipment. Our accurate and timely report is based on the thorough analysis of the collected data from the different shipping ports and Customs. The data is mostly provided according to 8-digit HS code which could be easily subscribed by users in a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual periodicity.

We provide various kinds of China Import-Export data that gives a crystal-clear scenario of the merchandise of goods. These report includes- Statistical, Partial Data with Standard Description and Actual product Description.

We provide a range of data for you to

Analyse and work on it altogether such as:

  • Name and Address of Chinese Importers & exporters.
  • Name and Address of Foreign Suppliers.
  • Date of shipment arrival.
  • Name of the Port of Origin.
  • Name of the Port of Destination.
  • Vessel Name.
  • Product description.
  • Custom shipments Tariff etc.


China Import Export Data

Date Hs Code Product Description Qty/Unit Total CIF Value Mode Of TransPort COUNTRY Importer Exporter
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